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WutaCam cho iPhone

WutaCam cho iPhone

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WutaCam cho iPhone

[Real-time face retouching]
Over twenty types of facial beautification and modification technology, such as face lift, nose fix, eyes style and white teeth, and they all affect your face in real-time.

wuta camera cho android

[Virtual makeup]
Multiple choices of popular eye shadow, lipstick, and foundation. You can make custom makeup as you like.

[Popular stickers]
More fantastic and realistic effects are released every day.

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[Record by GIF]
Shooting a 4 second long video and turning it to a GIF, and you can use it as your own sticker.

[Support iPhone 5S and above models]

[Contact us]
Facebook: WutaCam
Weibo: 无他相机


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Hỗ Trợ:Android

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Phiên Bản1.0.2

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